Bangladesh Journal of Environmental Science

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Volume: 42, Published: June 2022

Topic NamePage NumberAuthor
Noise (sound) level measurements in bus stands, silent zones and other busy areas of coastal Bagerhat Sadar upazila and its management 1-6M. T. Islam
Existing rainfall patterns and its impacts on rice production in Rangpur district of Bangladesh 7-12M. A. Islam, M. Hasanuzzaman and A. R. M. T. Islam
Characterization of shrimp aquaculture practices, analyzing on physicochemical parameters and it’s impact on south-western coastal Paikgacha upazila of Bangladesh 13-24T. Sarker, U. R. Jahan and M. Y. Mia
Comparative yield performance study of some mustard mutants at Jamalpur region of Bangladesh 25-28S. Begum, M. M. Hoque and M. M. Islam
Growth and yield performances of sorghum genotypes in response to salinity 29-34N.O. Haque, A. M. S. Rahman, A. K. M. Z. Hossain, T. Afrin and F. H. Shanta
Effects of organic manures on sustainable cauliflower production in grey terrace soils of Bangladesh 35-40M. R. Khatun, A. Barman, M. M. Masud, Marufa Sultana and S. Akhter
Comparative yield performance study of some mustard mutants at Madhupur region of Bangladesh 41-44S. Begum, M. M. Hoque and M. M. Islam
Somaclonal variation – a gateway for varietal improvement of non-flowering sugarcane germplasms 45-49A. M. S. Rahman, R. Alam, T. Afrin, H. M. Tarique and M. M. Ahmed
Pre and post-harvest soil nutrient status of sugarcane field 50-54F. H. Shanta, M. A. Habib, S. Mandal, M. A. E. Hossain and P. S. Kar
Studies on insecticides mixtures for the management of litchi fruit borer 55-59M. A. Taher, K. S. Islam and M. M. Uddin
Effect of salinity stress on the growth and yield of wheat genotypes 60-64M. H. Rahman, M. Tazul Islam and M. Tariqul Islam
Comparative yield performance study of some mustard mutants at medium highland in Mymensingh region 65-68S. Begum, M. M. Hoque and M. M. Islam
Air quality status in Narayanganj industrial city of Bangladesh 69-77M. M. M. Hoque, F. Sultana, M. E. Sarker, M. Shil and M. H. Kabir
Effect of bioslurry and chemical fertilizer on the yield, quality and nutrient uptake of onion 78-83M. R. Khatun, H. M. Naser, R. Sen, M. R. A. Mollah and A. Barman
Routine monitoring of water quality parameters from the coastal Tetulia river of Bhola district in Bangladesh 84-94M. S. Islam, M. H. Kabir, M. Rehnuma, M. N. Chowdhury and M. T. Islam
Cost benefit and break-even analysis of tossa and kenaf fibre crop cultivation at farm levels in Bangladesh 95-102B. Kundu and M. B. Hossain
Assessing the impacts of resent climatic situations on agricultural production in the south-western coastal Bagerhat district of Bangladesh 103-109M. M. Hossain and M. A. Sattar