Bangladesh Journal of Environmental Science

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Volume: 44, Published: June 2023

Topic NamePage NumberAuthor
Guideline for uses of rural home zone land area for production of crops for food security of the nation1-8M. A. SATTAR
Effect of water logging on vegetative growth and fruit yield of brinjal 9-12M. S. A. Sarker, A. Islam, M. W. Islam, P. C. Dhar and M. R. Abdullah
Agronomic performances of BSRI developed promising sugarcane clones at different planting times

13-16M. A. E. Hossain, H. P. Roy, M. A. Habib, A. S. Mitu and M. M. Rashid
Fundamental causes for changing cropping patterns in the climatic vulnerable Bagerhat district of Bangladesh
17-22M. M. Hossain and M. B. Ahmed
Right adaptation measures to protect climatic damages on agriculture in the south–western coastal Satkira district of Bangladesh
23-28M. M. Hossain and M. B. Ahmed
Fertilizer recommendation for maize cultivation in Karatoa Bangali floodplain soils of Bangladesh
29-32M. R. A. Mollah, M. A. Islam, M. S. Alam, M. R. Khatun and T. Hasan
Improving nutritional food habit of the Jamuna’s char peoples in Sirajgonj district

33-36M. A. Majid, M. Z. Turin, M. A. Islam, N. Nobi and M. M. Rahman
Management of tip burn of garlic

37-40M. R. A. Mollah, M. S. Alam, M. A. Islam, Mst. Mousumi Akter and T. Hasan
Identification of suitable Colocasia as a potential source of high iron enriched leafy vegetables in Rajshahi region of Bangladesh

41-44M. A. Majid, M. Z. Turin, M. A. Islam, N. Nobi and M. M. Rahman
Performance of proso millet varieties at char land areas in Bogura district of Bangladesh

45-48M. R. A. Mollah, M. S. Alam, Mst. Mousumi Akter, M. A. Islam and T. Hasan
Preferences analysis for rice variety and development of product profile in the hilly ecosystems of Bangladesh
49-56M. E. Haque, M. A. R. Sarkar, M. A. Islam, M. I. Omar and M. S. Islam
Economic evaluation of irrigation practices of boro rice growers in some selected areas of Sunamganj district in Bangladesh
57-62M. E. Haque, S. I. Shaon, A. H. M. S. Islam and M. S. Rahman
Impact of flood induced siltation on maize production: An empirical evidence in Gaibandha district of Bangladesh

63-68M. E. Haque, A. K. M. R. Karim, A. H. M. S. Islam and Md. T. Uddin
IPheromone uses for insect pest management in vegetables: present scenario and future prospect

69-76A. Islam, M. Z. Tareq, M. A. Rasel, K. M. N. Islam and R. K. Ghosh
Global pandemic covid-19: an observation on pandemic responses in Bangladesh and other countries

77-84M. K. H. Real, M. A. Islam and S. A. Nipa
Population dynamics of the jew fish, Johnius coitor (hamilton- buchanan, 1822) from the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh
85-92M. R. Chowdhury, M. Nasiruddin, M. A. Azadi and M. G. Mustafa
Soil fertility status of IUBAT's agricultural research station, Rajendrapur, Gazipur

93-102M. A. Sattar, M. S. Miah, F. Sultana, M. R. Karim and M. H. Rahman (Roky)
Prof. Sattar recognized with Sher-e-Bangla golden award in education

103-104Rafael Shahriar