Bangladesh Journal of Environmental Science

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Volume: 45, Published: December 2023

Topic NamePage NumberAuthor

A routine environmental monitoring in development workplaces: a compelling study conducted at coastal Dacope upazila of Bangladesh
1-4 M. T. Islam and F. Islam
Optimizing zinc and boron requirements for the T. aman -boro rice cropping pattern5-8M. F. Islam
Yield trial of BINA released sesame varieties at Kishoreganj district of Bangladesh9-12M. E. Hossain, S. Begum, M. M. Hoque, M. M. Islam and M. F. Ikbal
Livelihood adaptation strategy of climate induced migrants in North-Western region of Bangladesh13-20M. A. Badhan, S. A. Aurna, M. A. Islam
A comprehensive study regarding yield and mineral status of bottle gourd in the South-central coastal saline region of Bangladesh21-28M. N. S. Khan, A. K. M. Faruk-E-Azam, Abdullah-Al-Zabir, S. U. Ahmed and M. Saha
Assessing the impacts of salinity on yield and mineral status of radish in the South-central coastal region of Bangladesh29-36A. K. M. Faruk-E-Azam, M. N. S. Khan, M. Maniruzzaman, Abdullah-Al-Zabir and S. U. Ahmed
Assessment of ambient air qualities at some locations of Gazipur city 37-44M. Rehnuma, M. Ahmed, M. A. Haque, H. R. Tori and U. Habiba
Assessing the surface water quality for using irrigation, drinking and livestock consumption purposes at Gournadi Upazila, Barishal, Bangladesh 45-52M. Maniruzzaman, E. J. Munni, N. J. Lipi and A. K. M. Faruk-E-Azam
Socio-economic status of weavers and spatio-temporal analysis of handloom industry in Tangail district, Bangladesh53-60M. B. Latif, A. Akter, M. A. Latif, R. Afrin and S. S. Chowdhury
Impacts assessment from flaming temperature and relative humidity on human health in some areas of Bangladesh 61-70H. I. Murtuza, R. Afrin, M. B. Latif, S. S. Chowdhury and M. M. M. Hoque
Morpho-physiological responses of selected sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.) genotypes to salinity stress at early vegetative stage 71-76R. Mondal and M. S. H. Talukder
Effect of variety and spacing on the growth and yield of transplant aus rice77-80M. I. Kaish, M. S. H. Talukder, M. N. Islam, H. M. Arshad and A. M. S. Islam
Effects of detillering and row spacing on growth and yield attributes of BRRI dhan28 81-88M. S. H. Talukder, M. N. Islam, M. I. Kaish, F. Mamun and M. R. Islam
Amitav Ghosh’s Ecocritical canvas: a literary exploration of environmental consciousness89-94Dr. Sanyat Sattar
Knowledge based universal methodology for strengthening of scientific research, writings and publications95-104Prof. Dr. M. A. Sattar
Study on yield potential of some promising sesame genotypes at Pabna district of Bangladesh105-108M. E. Hossain, S. Begum, M. M. Hoque, M. M. Islam and M. F. Ikbal
Study and research conducted in the world happiest country-Finland including observations and evaluations on social cultural political agricultural technological natural and environmental situations for 9-years (1976-84) as first Bangladesh people109-128Prof. Dr. M. A. Sattar
Effect of chemical water retainer and irrigation on the growth and yield of wheat129-132S. S. F. Hossain, M. B. Amin, A. K. M. F. Hoque, Sk. M. H. Razib and M. S. Kaysar
Rice improvement through marker-assisted selection for salinity tolerance: a review133-140M. F. Ikbal, S. N. Begum, M. H. Rani, A. S. M. Hasibuzzaman and M. E. Hossain
A study on yield levels of wheat as affected by flobond under different irrigation regimes141-146S. S. F. Hossain, M. S. H. Talukder, M. B. Amin, M. S. Kaysar and T. Yeasmin
স্বরণীয় বরণীয় প্রফেসর ড. এম.এ. সাত্তার এর ৭৫তম জন্মবার্ষিকী : তাঁর সংক্ষিপ্ত অবদান ও স্বীকৃতি 147-152রাফায়েল শাহরিয়ার