About Us

Bangladesh Journal of Environmental Science (BJES), the first Environment-related journal in Bangladesh opens mouth from 1992. It is typically an environment as well as an agro-based gateway for the research process in Bangladesh. The BJES which is published two times annually is available through the net and printed form. The said journal is fully controlled by school renowned scientists of home and abroad. All submitted articles are critically reviewed by a panel of scientists only then permitted to publish. It allows the articles related to the environment, agriculture, animal science, engineering, economics, fisheries, population science, social science and other established sectors of biology. The BJES permits both the review and original research. The teachers, researchers and other officio are being facilitated to upgrade their careers. Fellow/students for Ph.D./M. Phil/MS/Masters are also being benefited by BJES. The BJES authority always seeks better articles to publish for retaining its standard position.