Bangladesh Journal of Environmental Science

BAED        ISSN 1561-9206


Volume: 37, Published: December 2019

Topic NamePage NumberAuthor
Greenhouse gases emission in coastal rural areas of Bangladesh1-4M. T. Islam, CEIP-1, Bangladesh Water Development Board, Khulna
Farmers' perception about pesticide use on karala (momordicacharantia) production regarding environmental safety at coastal rampal upazila bangladesh5-8M. N. Millat, S. Sultana, A. A. Lithi, M. S. Jaman, and F. Islam
Effect of construction work on adjacent surface water quality in coastal dacope upazila bangladesh9-12P. C. Das, M. M. Billah, A. A. Lithi, M. S. Jaman3 and F. Islam
Selection of ideal fertilizer doses in banana-potato intercropping13-16M. A. Akther, M. R. A. Mollah, M. Z. H. Prodhan, S. Hasan and M. A. Islam
Extent of pesticide uses for sustainable ladies finger production at climatic hazards prone coastal Rampal Upazila Bangladesh17-20S. Sultana and M. N. Millat
Yield potential of onion as influenced by soil test basis nutrient management 21-24F. Islam, M. A. Islam, M. S. Naher and M. M. Islam
Water quality and fish diversity status in Meghna river at Narsingdi in Bangladesh 25-31Begum, M. S. Islam, M. Rehnuma, M. H. Kabir and T. R. Tusher
Assessment of heavy metals contents in water and sediments of the Meghna river in Bangladesh 32-39D. Akter, M. S. Islam, M. M. M. Hoque, M. H. Kabir and M. Rehnuma
Effect of bio-slurry on the yield of potato 40-43M. A. Akther, M. R. A. Mollah, M. A. Islam and S. Hasan
Standardization of NPK doses for better seed yield and quality of hybrid chili44-47M. Hasan, M. Robbani, R. Parvin, M. N. H. Mehedi and I. Hossain
Combined effect of GA3 and NAA on growth and yield of tomato48-51M. N. Islam, K. M. Rahman, M. A. Alam, M. T. Rahman and M. M. Rashid
Effect of sowing date on performances of mungbean at bari research field in Dinajpur 52-55M. M. Khanum, M. M. Bazzaz, M. A. Hossain, M. S. Huda and M. Nuruzzaman
Assessing the impacts of pond water qualities on abundance of aquatic insects in Chittagong university campus 56-67M. Nasiruddin, M. Ali Azadi, S. Khan and M. R. Chowdhury
Varietal performance of bari blackgram in comparison to local cultivated variety at bogra region of bangladesh68-70M. R. A. Mollah, M. A. Akther, M. A. Islam and M. S. Alam
Competitive performance of vegetables grown under sapling of telsur tree (Hopea odorata)71-77M. Shamsunnahar
Effect of different planting methods and seedling age on growth and yield of tropical sugarbeet78-81M. N. Morshed, S. Mandal, M. S. Hossain, M. T. Rahmam and M. A. Alam
Practice of botanical pesticides for sustainable and safe vegetables production in Bangladesh82-87S. A. R. Chowdhury and J. Talukder
Adaptive agricultural strategies against climate changes in coastal vulnerable Dacope upazila of Bangladesh 88-93S. A. R. Chowdhury and J. Talukder
Evaluation of soil health in construction sites of developing coastal areas of Bangladesh 94-97S. A. R. Chowdhury and M. Islam
Salinity assessment from surface water sources at coastal Dacope upazila of Bangladesh 98-101S. A. R. Chowdhury and M. Islam
Combine effect of genotypes and environmental factors on the yield and yield attributes of stem amaranth (Amaranthus tricolor l.) 102-109M. N. H. Rony, N. Nahar, S. Akter, M. Hoque and M. K. Khatun
Performances of two amaranths grown under agroforestry system 110-113M. N. Morshed, K. M. Rahman, M. A. Alam, S. S. Mohammad and S. Rashid
The Application of the Q-Sort Technique in Measuring Service Supply Chain Management Processes114-119M. H. Kabir, Moniruzzaman, M. T. Islam and M. S. Rahman