Bangladesh Journal of Environmental Science

BAED        ISSN 1561-9206


Volume: 35, Published: December 2018

Topic Name

Topic NamePage NumberAuthor
Eco-friend practices in construction work regarding upgrading the coastal polder systems in Bangladesh– photographic outlooks 1-10M. T. Islam
CEIP-1, Bangladesh Water Development Board, Khulna
Effect of miyodo on growth and yield of sesame 11-14M. M. Rashid, M. M. Rahman, S. Mandal, K. S. Alam and M. S. Hossain
Estimation of loss for storage diseases of potato in some city/town markets of Bangladesh15-18M. M. Rashid, A. S. Mitu, M. M. Rahman, M. S. Hossain and S. Mandal
Performance evaluation of some mustard mutants19-22P. S. Kar, R. Akter, M. M. Rashid, S. Mandal and M. S.
Performances of some kenaf varieties in two selected char areas of Bangladesh 23-26M. A. F. Mollah, A. K. M. S. Hossain, Z. A. Rafiq, A. B. M. Z. Hoque and M. Z. Tareq
Quality assessment of vegetables seed in respect of moisture content and germination percentage collected from Sylhet area of Bangladesh 27-30P. C. Das
Profitable opportunities for municipal solid waste management of Mymensigh city 31-38M. N. H. Khan, M. A. Miah, N. Islam, M. Akter and T. Ferdous
Development of alternate cropping pattern incorporating kenaf at char land areas in two selected district of Bangladesh 39-42M. A. F. Mollah, Z. A. Rafiq, M. D. H. Sarker, M. Moniruzzaman and M. Z. Tareq
Effect of supplementation of riboflavin and Vitamin-C along with deworming on seasonal sickness of school going children at Madaripur Sadar upazila of Bangladesh 43-46M. N. Peda and Afsarunnisa
Effects of organic manures on the growth and yield of broccoli 47-50M. N. H. Mehedi, F. Mohosina, A. Khanom, M. I. Ali and M. N. Peda
Growth and yield performances of salt tolerant jute lines (Corchorus capsularis L.) in coastal area of Bangladesh 51-56A. Khanom, A. K. Chowdhury, M. N. H Mehedi, F. Mohosina and M. Akhter
Effect of adolescent marriage and marriage pattern on social safeguard in Bangladesh57-62M. A. Khaleque, A. H. M. Jalal Uddin Akbar and M. A. Majid
Seed yield and quality performances of some kenaf varities in char areas of Bangladesh 63-66M. A. F. Mollah, Z. A. Rafiq, S. K. Biswas, M. R. Debnath and M. Z. Tareq
Dry matter accretion at different harvesting stages of newly released jute variety (BJRI tossa pat 6) 67-70M. R. Debnath, M. M. Islam, M. Z. A. Rafiq, P. N.Nandi and D. N. Nandi
Homestead vegetable production in northern Bangladesh: problems, scopes and potentialities 71-74M. R. Debnath, M. Z. A. Rafiq, N. Khatun, P. N. Nandi and D. N. Nandi
Effect of organic manuring on soil properties, yield and yield attributes of soybean 75-78P. S. Kar, M. M. Rashid, S. Mandal, M. S. Hossain and M. M. Rahman
Nutrient accumulation in aman rice as influenced by integrated use of manures and fertilizers 79-82M. S. Karim, M. Shawkhatuzzaman, M. A. Islam, M. A. W. Golder and M. H. Shawon
Effect of different types of organic fertilizers on growth and yield of mukhi kachu (Colocasia esculenta) 83-86S. Mandal, M. M. Rahman, M. N. Morshed, M. M. Rashid and M. S. Hossain
Effect of urea super granule (USG) on the performance of banana 87-90M. A. Akther, M. R. A. Mollah, M. Z. H. Prodhan, T. Hasan and M. M. I. Chowdhury
Response of wheat to different micronutrients in tista meander floodplain soil of Bangladesh 91-96M. F Islam, A. Parvin and M. R Islam
Performance evaluation of two plant parts in controlling of Culex quinquefasciatus say (Diptera: Culicidae) larvae 97-110M. Nasiruddin, M. Ali Azadi and M. Akter