Bangladesh Journal of Environmental Science

@ BAED        ISSN 1561-9206


Volume: 46, Published: June 2024


Topic NamePage NumberAuthor
A compelling environmental monitoring for construction work sites in Coastal Bagerhat district of Bangladesh1-12M. T. Islam
Analysis of notable behavior for modern rice variety users and probable challenges in Netrokona haor areas of Bangladesh13-28A. Hossain
Adoption of modern rice varieties by the farmers of Netrakona district in Bangladesh 19-24A. Hossain
Status of occupational health and safety management system for construction industry in Mymensingh city of Bangladesh 25-32M. A. Miah, M. M. Hossain and P. Talukder
Morphological study of vegetable type tossa jute genotype 33-38S. S.U. Ahmed, N. Tasnime, K. Fatema, M. M. Mukul and N. Akter
In vitro regeneration of tossa jute through callus culture 39-44S. S. U. Ahmed, N. Tasnime, K. Fatema, R. Khatun and I. Jahan
Varietal performance of jute (Corchorus olitorius l.) against diseases severity 45-48I. Jahan, M. M. Billah, A. Ghosh, M. W. Islam and S. Mitra
Effect of storage container on seed qualities of mesta 49-52I. Jahan, M. W. Islam, A. Ghosh, M. M. Billah and S. N. Kusum
Assessment of kenaf seed qualities influenced by different storage container 53-56I. Jahan, A. Ghosh, M. W. Islam, M. R. Khan and M. M. Billah
Effect of sowing time on leaf yield and yield attributes of jute varieties as vegetables 57-60I. Jahan, M. M. Billah, A. Ghosh, M. W. Islam and R. Dip
Characterization, structure-function relationship and mechanism of antifreeze proteins 61-72A. Mimi, M. R. Amin, M. A. Haque, M. W. Islam and M. Z. Tareq
Computational tools for sequence based identification and Characterization of antifreeze proteins 73-76A. Mimi 1 , M. R. Amin 1 , M. A. Haque 2 , S. M. Ahmed 3 and M. Z. Tareq 1
Potential uses of antifreeze proteins: a review 77-82A. Mimi, M. R. Amin, S. M. Ahmed, M. A. Haque and M. Z. Tareq