Bangladesh Journal of Environmental Science

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Volume: 41, Published: December 2021

Topic NamePage NumberAuthor
Sattar: Pioneer on food safety measures education and research in Bangladesh against pesticides and heavy metal contaminations 1-24M. A. Sattar
Saline tolerance of vine vegetable crops grown in southern coastal region for nutritional security 25-32A. K. M. Faruk-E-Azam and M. F. Hasan
Assessing of potential impacts and framing of mitigation measures for bridge construct over Dhaleshwari river, Tangail, Bangladesh 33-40M. S. Islam, S. Khatun, S. Akter, M. H. Kabir and T. Hasan
Universal guideline for developing ordinance on university research co-ordination division 41-50Professor Dr. M. A. Sattar
Combined effect of fertilizer and green manures on the performances of transplant aman rice 51-56Z. Nasrin, M. F. Karim, R. C. Das, S. Mallick and J. L. Munshi
Evaluation of summer tomato mutants for higher yield and good keeping quality 57-60G. C. Das, K. K. Debnath, M. F. Hossain, R. N. Barman and F. Sultana
Effect of different planting method and planting materials on growth and yield of sugarcane cultivation at Akhaura terrace 61-64M. A. Alam, A. Babu, A. M. Shoaib, M. J. Uddin, M. A. E. Hossain
Effect of plant spacing on the incidence of different plant hopper insect pests in four rice varieties 65-68M. Helal Uddin, G. C. Das, M. F. Hossain, M. A Razzak Taohidi, A. M. Shoaib
Effect of plant spacing in four rice varieties on the incidence of white leaf hopper and brown plant hopper insect pests 69-72M. A. R. Taohidi, M.F. Hossain, M. Soad Ali, A. M. Shoaib, K. K. Debnath
Assessment of kenaf fibre yield grown in Kishoreganj haor area of Bangladesh 73-78S. M. S. Parvej, M. A. Alam, B. S. Roy, R. C. Das and M. A. Alim
Assessment of heavy metals contamination in road side soils along Mymensingh to Valuka highway 79-84R. C. Das, S. M. S. Parvej, S. M. A. Alim, B. S. Roy and S. Roy
Effect of nitrogen doses and irrigation frequencies on cob yield of BARI hybrid maize-7 85-90M. A. Majid, M. A. Khaleque, P. K. Dash, Mursaleen Zebin Turin and M. A. M. Hussen
An intensive research on confirmation of safe drinking water in South-Western Bagerhat district, Bangladesh 91-96M. T. Islam
Effect of plant spacing on the incidence of rice stem borer and gall midge in some rice varieties 97-100M. F. Hossain, P. S. Kar, K. M. Rahman, M. A. Razzak Taohidi and A. Babu
এদেশে পরিবেশ বিজ্ঞান শিক্ষা ও গবেষণা শুরুর পূর্বে (১৯৮৯-৯১) বিজ্ঞানী সাত্তারের পরিবেশ বিজ্ঞান বিষয়ে ১১৩টি প্রকাশনা পরিচিতি101-103রাফায়েল শাহরিয়ার