The experiment was conducted at Jute Research Regional Station (JRRS), Kishoreganj during 2020-2021 to determine the optimum harvesting time for higher fibre yield of BJRI developed Kenaf varieties. The experiment was laid out in RCBD design with three replications. Four kenaf varieties viz., BJRI Kenaf-1, BJRI Kenaf-2, BJRI Kenaf-3 and BJRI Kenaf-4 and four harvesting age viz., 90 DAS, 100 DAS, 110 DAS and 120 days after sowing (DAS) were used as treatment. Results revealed that from the variety BJRI kenaf-2 produce the highest fibre yield (2.49 & 2.68 t/ha, respectively) and the highest stick yield was recorded (5.07 and 5.35 t/ha, respectively) on 120DAS in 2020 and 2021. The lowest fibre yield and yield contributing characters were recorded from 90 DAS harvested crop irrespective of varies in two consecutive years.

Key words: Kenaf, variety, fibre and stick yield