Bangladesh Journal of Environmental Science

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Volume: 39, Published: December 2020

Topic NamePage NumberAuthor
State of greenhouse gases emission (GGE) in coastal Barguna
Sadar upazila of Bangladesh
1-4M. T. Islam
Seasonal changes of soil salinity and nutrients in the coastal Bhola island, Bangladesh 5-12M. R. Jamil, M. H. Kabir, M. N. Chowdhury, M. T. Islam and M. S. Islam
Evaluation of summer tomato mutants in respect better yield and biochemical properties 13-16M. Shamsunnahar
Performance of indian spinach and amaranth in association with four years old lohakat tree (Xylia dolabriformis) 17-20B. H. Rebeiro
Productivity of tossa jute seed as influenced by different planting methods and spacing under puddle condition at planting period 21-24M. B. Hossain, Z. A. Rafiq, M. Y. Ali, M. N. Uddin, and M. H. Rashid
Impacts of anthropogenic activities on ecological status at Tanguar haor of Sunamganj, Bangladesh25-32T. Siddika, M. H. Sujan, M. A. K. Azad and M. Y. Mia
Efficacy of different medicinal plant extracts for Scirtothrips bispinosus management in tea 33-40M. A. K Azad, I. Ahmad, A. Mainuddin and G. M. R. Islam
Molecular diversity analysis from white jute germplasm through dna fingerprinting 41-48A. B. M. Z. Hoque, S. M. M. Ali, M. Z. Tareq1, M. Z. Hossain and M. R. Islam
Performance of promising sugarcane genotypes in farmers field 49-52P. S. Kar, S. Mandal, M. A. Azim, M. N. Morshed and K. S. Alam
Performance of some sugarcane varieties for plant and ratoon cane production in Active Tista Floodplain 53-56M. M. Rashid, M. R. Islam, A. M. S. Rahman, M. A. Habib and M. N. Morshed
Performance and suitability assessment of some sugarcane varieties in northern region of Bangladesh 57-60M. M. Rashid, M. A. Habib, A. M. S. Rahman, S. Mandal and M. A. Azim
Assessing the varietal suitability of sugarcane with chickpea intercrop 61-64M. M. Rashid, M. A. Habib, A. M. S. Rahman, M. A. Azim and S. Mandal
Performances of promising sugarcane genotypes in different farmers field locations of Bangladesh 65-68M. S. Hossen, M. A. Azim, S. Mandal, P. S. Kar and M. S. Islam