Field experiments were conducted to find out the effect of spacing and variety on the incidence of green leafhopper and white-baked plant hopper insect pests during the aman season. Regarding plant spacing, significantly lowest number of green leafhopper population was recorded with the wider spacing. Population of green leafhopper increased with incrasing plant age. In respect of variety, significantly highest green leafhopper population was observed in susceptible TN1 by Binadhan-4. Irrespective of varieties and plant age, the spacing had no influence on the incidence of white-baked plant hopper population. However, significantly lowest number of white-baked plant hopper was recorded in Binasail32 and the highest number of insects was noticed in susceptible TNI followed by Binadhan-4 and Binasail.

Key words: Plant spacing, rice varieties, green leafhopper and white-backed plant hopper