University is known in the global village for its two objectives (1) teaching and research. Without research and publications-university teaching position is useless/valueless or worthless. The more the research, the more the publications, the more the honor and respect for the university teachers. Usually, university demands 20-30% teaching and 70-80% research from dedicated teachers and no alternatives. Teachers can involve himself/herself in research through supervision of master and PhD students and national and/or international research projects including projects through Mother University. Without significant contribution/publication, it is difficult to involve in the international research projects. But it is easy for most teachers for involvement in own university research project. For proper distribution, management and smooth running the research projects university primarily requires a research division or department like a separate unit/cell. Such research division/Dept./cell must properly handle the internal university research projects through a sound ordinance [that can be changed when necessary] for proper distribution, monitoring and evaluation including submission of bill vouchers and reports. Without strong research division/cell, university research system of teachers may not run properly. Here author’s wide experiences were applied and established a sound ordinance for building/developing a strong research division/Dept./cell, and this can be used as universal challenge for proper managing the university research projects to the teachers. Moreover, under such guideline, corruption of money in project work/research can be largely omitted/avoided. Finally, every year some good research achievements must come out for the university as national and/or international success/goal.