An experiment was conducted at Jute Agriculture Experimental Station, Manikganj to find out the leaf yield of different jute vegetable varieties at different sowing times. BJRI released three jute vegetable varieties such as BJRI deshi pat shak-1 (V1); BJRI deshi pat shak-1 (V2); BJRI deshi pat shak-1 (V3) and three sowing time i.e. 1st week of March (S1); 1st week of May (S2); 1st week of July (V3) were used as experimental treatments. The experiment was designed RCBD with three replicates. Results revealed that, the highest plant population, plant height, leaf number were found better in BJRI deshi pat shak-3 (Merha green), whereas leaf area, leaf fresh weight per plant and leaf yield were found maximum from BJRI deshi pat shak-1. On the other hand, out of three seasons March is more suitable for leaf yield.

Key words: Jute, leafy vegetable, leaf area, yield