Mesta seed viability declines during storage, leading to a shortage of high-quality seeds for planting. This shortage acts as a barrier to expanding mesta cultivation in Bangladesh. The effect of different storage containers on germination, field emergence, vigor index and 100-seed weight of mesta seeds of three varieties were studied during the six months storage period beginning from mid-February 2022 to mid-August in 2022 at seed laboratory, Jute Agriculture Experimental Station, Jagir, Manikganj. Four different seed storage containers viz. aluminum foil, plastic pot, earthen pot and gunny bag were used to store mesta seeds. Three varieties viz., SAMU-93, VM-1 and HS-24 were used as experimental materials. Highest seed germination, field emergence, vigor index was recorded in aluminum foil container (72.25%, 65.12% and 35.57%) at 180 days after storage (DAS) and lowest were (38.46%, 32.94% and 25.87%) in gunny bag at the same storage period. Highest 100-seed weight was recorded (3.86g) in gunny bag and lowest was (3.06g) in aluminum foil followed by (3.10g) in plastic pot at 180 DAS. Highest seed germination (71.12%), field emergence (62.58%) and vigor index (35.57%) were recorded in the variety SAMU-93 and lowest (68.08%, 59.12% and 31.12%, respectively) were recorded in HS-24 variety at 180 DAS. On the other hand, the highest and the lowest 100-seed weight was recorded (4.02g and 3.65g, respectively) in HS-24 and SAMU-93 varieties respectively at 180 days storage period. Results revealed that increasing storage period is the cause of decreasing seed quality.

Key words: Mesta, seed quality, vigor, storage containers.