A study was conducted during the 3rd week of October of 2018 at Uttar Kobaru (Ward no.06) of Rangpur City Corporation to find out the problems and prospects of homestead vegetable production. Data was collected by face to face interview from the farmers on different parameters of socio-economic condition and homestead vegetable production. Different problems like poor marketing facilities, lack of technical knowledge on vegetable production, lack of capital, unavailability of quality seed, high input cost, insect pest attack etc. were identified as the hinderer of homestead vegetable production. Lack of marketing facilities was identified as other major problems which also hinder the homestead vegetable production. Vermi- compost and Turkey rearing were very potential sector to improve the socio economic condition of the medium and small scale farmer. There were many scopes for the extension workers, NGOs etc. to improve the living standard of the farmer through homestead vegetable production.

Key words: Marketing, capital, vermicompost, turkey rearing.

Homesteads include vegetables gardening, livestock rearing, poultry raising, fish culture, homestead forestry, post-harvest processing and alike activities. The actual area of homestead devoted to vegetable cultivation is very small. In Bangladesh, per capita vegetable consumption is only 28 g where the daily requirement is 200 g (Chadha et al., 1994). Over 30 thousand infants become blind every year due to vitamin ‘A’ deficiency (BARC, 1990). Vitamin C, iron, and other mineral nutritional deficiency are widespread resulting in different types of diseases, hampering physical growth and retarding brain development. Northern region of Bangladesh was previously suffered by food or work or income which may affect the socio economic condition of the people of that region. As homestead vegetable is the instant source of vitamins and minerals hence a study was conducted to identify the problems and prospects of homestead vegetable production at the northern region of Bangladesh.