ABSTRACT : An experiment was conducted to detect the ideal fertilizer doses in Banana-potato intercropping during rabi season of 2015-16. The location for the study was at the Multi location Testing (MLT) site, (medium highland under AEZ-03) Goneshpur of Shibganj upazilla of Bogura district. The experiment was laid out in randomized complete block design (RCBD) with six dispersed replications. There were five nutrient packages viz. T1 = Recommended fertilizer dose (FRG, 2012), T2=T1+ 25% higher NPK, T3=75% of NPK, T4= Farmers practice and T5=Control. The highest banana equivalent yield (86.74 tha-1) and higher gross return (Tk.867400 tha-1) were found from T2 (T1+ 25% higher NPK) which was statistically similar with treatment T1. The lowest banana equivalent yield (46.14 tha-1) and gross margin received from treatment T5. In the study, T2 treatment overall showed the better performance in respect of banana yield, potato yield, gross return as well as gross margin, so the fertilizer dose N287.5-P100-K375-S-36- Zn 1.2- B1.0 with cowdung 15000 Kgha-1 was optimum for maximizing the yield as well as economically profitable and viable for banana intercropping with potato cultivation in Bogura region of Bangladesh. Key words: Fertilizer, intercrop, Banana, potato.

Bangladesh, an agro-based country is facing the major challenges for agriculture sector. It can be possible to overcome this problem through cropping intensification with high yielding variety and using balanced fertilizations. People of Bangladesh not only suffer from food deficit, but also suffer from different nutritional deficiency like protein and calories as well as vitamins and minerals. Here the importance of intercropping has high demand due to increases of total production, profitability per unit area without affecting the production of the sole crops (Islam et al., 2013). It offers more stability, less risk, better utilization of limited resources and wide diversity in the production of food (Islam et al., 2006). Banana is a leading tropical fruit in the world market with highly organized and developed industry (Anonymous, 1999). It is richer in carbohydrate and mineral (K, Ca, Mg, and P) and even richer in caloric value (Bhan, 1977). To be assured the better performances from those targeted crops, balance fertilization is perquisite. Imbalance use of fertilizers is a serious problem for the country. Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council published fertilizer recommendation guide in 2012, which was found to be very useful for the extension agents and farmers. But with the progress of time there have been considerable changes in crops and cropping patterns including soil, physical and chemical characteristics, some new crops and cropping patterns are emerged as promising, many areas became deficient in Zinc, Boron and other nutrients and farmers are growing those crops without any fertilizer recommendation. So, the rescheduled fertilizer dose may keep in great role for sustainable crop production and may include in the new national fertilizer recommendation guide. Location specific AEZ based fertilizer management for crops and cropping patterns are also very useful in this regard. The present study was undertaken to find out the optimum fertilizer doses for banana intercropping with potato in Bogura region (AEZ-3) of Bangladesh.