The study was conducted at coastal Dacope upazila of Khulna district during the period 2020-2022. Environmental monitoring was carried out in respect of air quality, surface water quality as well as soil quality. The air quality was measured in respect of CO, SO2, NOx and PM concentration in that particular area using Gas Analyzers (model: Handheld 3016). The present study investigated some physico-chemical parameters from surface water such as pH, turbidity, TDS, Cl, DO and BOD5 to assess the suitability for different human purposes. Different methods ware followed during detecting the soil quality. In general, air quality was in good condition and was not affected by the construction activities carried out in Dacope Upazila. In some cases, SPM2.5 and NO2 exceeded national values. The study showed that surface water qualities were not affected by the development activities carried out for rehabilitation the degraded coastal Dacope Upazila of Bangladesh. The pH values ranged from 7.11 to 7.63. The Cl contents were 918.33 and 83.33µg/g for the year 2019 and 2021, respectively. All have high contents of organic matter. The level of N and S contents were quite enough but low contents of phosphorous potassium and zinc.

Key words: Environmental monitoring, development workplace, coastal area