The study was carried out in the South-western coastal Bagerhat district of Bangladesh to know the scenario of climatic pattern and its effects on crop production. Twenty ninety years (1991-2019) data of different climatic parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, wind speed and total sunshine were analyzed for the study. The ten years crop related data were also collected in annual basis from the year of 2010 to 2019 in respect of annual crops production. The investigation explored that the maximum air reached above 40.500C at 2016 and the increasing trend are very prominent. The maximum air temperature ranged as 36.40-40.500C within 29 years of period. In case of minimum temperature the prominent fluctuations was also observed within the range of 7.20-11.500C. Overall average 1% temperature is being increased by each 10 years. The average values lied within 25-260C, but the upward trend for the maximum temperature and downward trend for minimum temperature make the situation more extreme in coastal Bagerhat district. Average relative humidity (RH) fluctuated in downward trends and lied within the values 79-81 except the year 2004-2006 (83%). The highest rainfall was 6816.08 mm in 2011. The line diagram proved the increasing trend of total annual rainfall, but the level is minimal. As like as RH and rainfall, the wind speed was drastically decreased during the study period. The total sunshine hour decreased up to 10% within the study period, while the highest sun shine hour (2589.80 hr) was recorded in 2002. On the other hand the lowest sun shine hour (1924.30 hr) was found in 2015. The study also stated that agriculture is under challenges due to changing climate in coastal Bagerhat district. The total production is 439578 M.ton against the demand amount of 331170 M.ton. The production of rice, jute, potato and mustard are being increased but there is vast scope for more cultivation of wheat and B. aman rice. The yearly average B. aman production is only 125 M.ton against the total rice production (21645 M.ton) in Bagerhat district.

Key words: Climatic situation, agricultural production, coastal Bagerhat district.