The present research was conducted at the farmer’s field of Sadar, Mymensingh during Rabi season 2016-17 to investigate the growth and yield performance of mustard mutants. The experiment was arranged in a randomized complete block design consisting of two mustard mutants (viz. RM-07, RM-10 and BARI Sarisha-15) as treatment and replicated thrice. All the growth, yield attributes and yield were substantially influence among the mustard mutants except the phenological parameters. Results of the experiment showed that the highest plant height in RM-07 (100.93 cm), seed yield in RM-10 (1.76 tha-1). RM-10 was found better in respect of maximum siliqua plant-1, 1000-seed weight in RM-07. Besides this, RM-07 showed the maximum number of seeds siliqua-1. Therefore, findings of this study suggested that RM-10 would be suitable for better productivity and recommended for cultivation in the medium highland at Mymensingh region in Bangladesh.

Key words: Yield, mustard, mutants.