Marine vessels could be a good site for solar photovoltaic (PV) plants because solar energy is the best renewable energy to replace the fossil fuels used in the ships. The most efficient approach to power marine tankers with solar energy is with solar towers fashioned like trees. Such PV on ships is anticipated to increase efficiency because it does not require land mass, which is a limited resource in Bangladesh. In this study, a PV panel layout that resembles a “Christmas tree” and is called a “tree-shaped solar PV tower” is suggested. To maximize power, solar towers are designed such that they may be freely rotated on their vertical axes and that the tilt angles of their solar panels can be adjusted from 0° to 50° on their horizontal axes. The vessels travel between Bangladesh and India as well as Bangladesh and Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Mumbai, and Sri Lanka. Using high-performance AC module-based technology, a novel approach to the “tree shaped solar tower” layout of the PV array on maritime vessels is proposed in this research. The ship’s appliances, including lighting, fans, TVs, laptops, and smartphone chargers, will be run on the generated electricity. The addition of solar PV on marine ships may improve environmental sustainability and eventually serve as the energy source for the future generation.

Key words: Solar Energy; Marine Vessels; tree-shaped solar PV tower; coastal and offshore area