Soil fertility in Bangladesh has declined over time. As a result, deficiency of nutrient has arisen which is likely to produce negative impact on crop yield.  Soil test is an indicator of fertility status of an area. With this perspective, a study was done to determinate macronutrients status across the Tista Meander Floodplains (AEZ 3). Fifty soil samples at 0-15 cm depth were collected from 50 sites across the AEZ 3. The samples were kept into plastic bottles for physical and chemical analysis. All analysis was done following standard methods. Although not significant, soil pH has decreased based on the earlier information (SRDI, 1998). The soil test value explored that soil organic matter has increased in AEZ 3 but not generalized. The general consensus is that soil organic matter has declined over time particularly in high land and medium high land, with intensive cropping. Concerning the soil analysis results, the N content remains almost unchanged, the available P and S levels are increased in most cases. The exchangeable K status has generally declined; Ca level has always increased but the Mg level increased not in all samples.

Key words: Soil, macro nutrients, values.