A pot experiment regarding salinity tolerance of wheat was conducted at the pot yard of Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Argiculture (BINA), Mymensingh during the period from November to March 2017. Three wheat    genotypes namely Sonalika, Ananda and GPB-110 were used to observe the relative salinity tolerance under different treatments. Salinity treatments showed significant effect on the growth and yield of wheat. Plant height, number of grain per spike, length of spike, grain yield per plant, 1000-grain weight and straw yield per plant were decreased with the increase of soil salinity, which revealed that salinity stress reduced all the parameters of yield under different salinity levels. Among the genotypes the percent reduction of grain yield was higher in the genotype GPB-110 than   other varities. Sonalika   showed moderate reduction. The lowest reduction of grain yield was found in Ananda. 

Key words: Salinity, stress, wheat, genotypes.