An experiment was conducted at two locations of Jute Research Regional Station (JRRS), Kishoreganj and Jute Research Sub Station (JRSS), Patuakhali to find out the seed quality as influenced by different methods of sowing. Three popular varieties e.g., Robi-1, O-9897, JRO-524 and three sowing methods e.g., direct seeding, top cutting and seedling transplanting methods were used as experimental treatments. The experiment was carried out in RCBD with three replications. Results revealed that the highest 1000-seed weight (2.097, 2.123), moisture (9.05, 9.19), germination (98.70, 95.22) and field emergence (85.77, 83.89) were found in Robi-1 both at Kishoreganj and Patuakhali, respectively. In case of sowing methods, the highest 1000-seed weight (2.083, 2.173), moisture (9.22, 9.34), germination (98.11, 93.56) and field emergence (88.36, 79.83) were found in top cutting method in studied districts of Bangladesh.

Key words: Sowing method, seed quality, jute, germination, field emergence