An experiment was conducted two consecutive locations at Jute Research Regional Station (JRRS), Kishoreganj and Jute Research Sub Station (JRSS), Patuakhali to find out the seed yield at different sowing methods. Three popular varieties e.g., BJRI Tossa Pat-8 (Robi-1), O-9897, JRO-524 and three sowing methods e.g., direct seeding, top cutting and seedling transplanting and methods were used as experimental treatments. The experiment was carried out RCBD with three replications. Results revealed that the highest seed yield was produced (690, 681Kg ha-1) in Robi-1 and (667, 697 Kg ha-1) from direct seeding method in both Kishoreganj and Patuakhali, respectively.

Key words: Sowing method, variety, yield, jute seed