For better survival and long life, man requires pollution-free safe, sound and peaceful healthy planet where responsibilities cover saving of pollution-free soil, air, water, crops and food materials including proper awareness to every aspect of life (Fig. 1–2). After best survival in healthy planet man requires for building of better career where university/higher educational institutes with quality missions and vissions are important. The aims or missions of the university/higher educatinal institutes covers/includes to develop quality students/graduates, quality teachers/academicians, researchers and scientists and quality administrators. Behind quality graduates, teachers/scientists and administrators there are lots of supporting materials and each has its own area and guideline. The final vision of the university/institute to build/establish as a Centre of Excellence (Fig. 1). This is the universal guideline and concept, and there is no shortcut or alternative methods/techniques to recognize a university as Centre of Excellence. Here all techniques/methodologies and guidelines are evaluated and established under 12 schematic models (Fig. 1-12), where Fig. 2 covered on saving of planets and Fig. 13 used as an example of university for the coming decade of 2021-2029.

Keywords: Students, graduates, teachers, professors, models, research, centre of excellence, university, higher educational institutes, mission, and vision.