To select the water logging tolerant lines coupled with high yield, an experiment was conducted at Jute Research Sub-station, Bangladesh Jute Research Institute (BJRI), Patuakhali in 2017. The results confirmed that great variation among the genotypes in respect of survivability rate, dry fibre yield and yield contributing traits. Among the five tested genotypes/varieties, Line P-24 gave the survivability rate (77.53%), plant height (3.03m), fibre yield (15.84 g plant-1) and stick yield (42.04 g plant-1 ) which were significantly higher than the control variety BJRI Deshi Pat-8 (survivability rate- 71.74%, plant height- 2.58m, fibre yield-10.60g plant-1 and stick yield- 30.30 g plant-1) and other tested line/varieties as well.

Key words: White jute, water logging stress, growth and yield.