A study has been conducted regarding the proper uses of rural home-zone land area/space to every house of the country for proper production of maximum yield of various crops through-out the year for food security of the nation where some models have been established on the basis of high, medium and/or low lands of the housing-zone for growing of fruits, vegetables, cereal, arum, spices, tuber, bean or other crops. Shaks (leafy-vegetables) of all kinds can be produced with minor cares. All unwanted and undesirable housing places can be utilized for ginger/turmeric production and ponds and low lands for various fish production/farming.

Key words: Home gardening, home/house-zone, crops, rural area, yield, food security, nation.


 No soil no crop, no crop no food and no food no existence of life. So, soil is the backbone of a nation. The more good quality the soil, the more best production of crops in the region. Bangladesh is a small country of 1,46,000 square miles and during 1950-55, there were only 35 million people, during this 75 years, the farming land is greatly reduced but population increased 4 times than those of 1950s. Here more than 1000 people live /sq km, that is the greatest compared to any other country of the world. Here is crisis of land for food production, crisis against living/survival, crisis of land for housing, building construction, plantation/forestry, marketing, industry, roads and highways (communication), sound education campus, play grounds, proper housing facility, fishing ground. Moreover, a country cannot proceed for the development without self-sufficient in food production. A hungry nation faces problems to all sides. Through modern technology with wide uses of land and huge production of lots of crops throughout the year the nation reached a self-sufficient as a food security country. Population growth is increasing but food production already increased several time more than that was in 1970s or 1980s. Again, here various natural disasters like flood, cyclone, high and/or irregular rainfall, river bank erosions, etc. widely affect the food situations of the nation. So govt. has to import food to face the food crisis/disaster of the nation. The more less the food crisis/problems of the nation, the more well for the govt. for proceed with development. For developing or utilizing more and more land under farming is difficult because of wide limitation of land in the region 80-85% of the rural people live in scattered conditions where every home/house surrounding space/area covers a good productive land those vacant space/zone can be utilized by every house owner or family members for producing of various crops like a lots of vegetables, fruits, or other crops all round the year. It will add a longer live the family members through minor field work exercise and using/eating of own fresh vegetable, fruits or other crops. During 1970s and 1980s author raised this questions hundreds of times for saving the farm land but none came in front for facing this challenge. Even in 1970 and 1980s, author advised for saving the roadside land from Bhaluka to Sripur where thousands of tons of jackfruits were marketed. Once this thousand ha of land were occupied with jackfruit plants now they are replaced by various industries and now no jackfruit garden is visible anymore. When I was a school boy in 1950s there were 10/12 sqkm plain land was utilized for rice production and now there were hundreds of families settled there and reduced crop field 60-70%. So, this is the real fact of the country i.e. country lost 50-60% agricultural land to various other purposes like housing and settlement, road and communications, marketing, industries, and many more other purposes. Recently, Sheikh Hasina-Honorable Prime Minister asked to the nation for proper utilizing and growing of more and more crops in the housing area of everyone. We must respect and follow her words for minimizing food security in the country as well as taking of fresh food to all families for better life and longer lives. Covering this