Poor health and nutritional status of mother and children in the Jamuna’s Char area in Sirajganj is the crucial problems for health and nutrition. Mother and children cannot afford adequate nutritious food and adequate food intake due to low income and limited access to livelihood opportunities. An experiment was conducted at Meshrar Char of Sirajgnj Sadar upzilla in Sirajgnj district during July 2018 to June 2019 for improving nutritional family food habit through training, awareness buildup and homestead gardening. Cooking demonstrations were widely used to illustrate positive food preparation practices, such as washing vegetables before cutting, using oil to cook leafy vegetables, and including more fruits, milk, and eggs in dishes. Regular monitoring has demonstrated that the program successfully increased the production and consumption of vitamin and mineral rich foods in the target households.

Key words: Char area, homestead garden, nutritional status


In Food security definition, it has four pillars such as: Food availability, food accessibility, food stability and food utilization. Most of the people of our country do not know how to utilize their food. So, though they intake/consume food but do not get proper nutrition from their food. Most of them have wrong perception about Food and Nutrition. They are not capable for using their homestead area, from where they can produce different nutritious fruits and Vegetables (Taher et al., 2004, Bushamuka et al., 2005). Homestead food production programs has the potentiality to improve dietary intake and nutritional status of women and young children and likely improves household’s food security and nutritional status of all house hold members including improving of socio-economic status. As most of the char people engage with agricultural works and fishing, they normally goes to work  in the morning and back home at twilight, so  in their family cooking habits practice is just 1 times to two times and many people prepare their rice without starch. In Char area this type of problem are acute (BBS, 2011; Helen Keller International, Bangladesh 2008). So primarily BIRTAN of Sirajganj has taken an initiative to be improved the nutria food habits of the Char people in Sirajgonj district.