The present study was designed to assess the biodiversity status at Ramsagar National Park (RNP) inDinajpur district, Bangladesh period from June 2019 to August 2020. Data on the diversity of the floral andfaunal species were gathered using the KII and FGD by forest-responsible persons especially bit officer andforest rangers. A total of 100 residents of the research area participated in a questionnaire survey to performthe study. The study’s findings revealed that 10.09% of climber species, 31.95% of herbs, 13.45.1% of shrubspecies, and 44.51% of tree species made up the total floral diversity. According to the study, RamsagarNational Park’s strong floral variety status was reflected by the Simpson’s diversity index value of 0.97. On
the other hand, 74.23% aves, 13.78% amphibians, 5.31% reptiles, 6.68% mammals and cultivated differenttypes of fish speciesin the aquatic body were found in Park. According to the result of Simpson’s diversityindex, the status of the faunal diversity is very rich and diverse which was 0.93. In the park, there werevarious barriers to the conservation of biodiversity and the growth of ecotourism viz. poor planning andmanagement, disregard for management authority, etc. The report recommended that the responsiblegovernment authority quickly take necessary action to increase staffing, obtain strongauthorization, includethe media, execute policies and regulations for conserving its biodiversity.
Key words: Biodiversity, conservation, simpsons’ index, eco-tourism, park