Teletalk launched its commercial operation on March 31, 2006 with great enthusiasm of the mass population. It’s initial tariff chart had been very attractive and was affordable by common people. Moreover, its free BTTB incoming call charge was the number one attraction point to mass people and it was the only mobile phone-all operator providing its subscribers ISD and EISD facilities in default. Hence, it had noticed the huge rush, which was described as “Telecom Riot” by BBC. Teletalk has been intended to be a mobile operator of the people, for the people and by the people. Introduction of Teletalk in the mobile telecom market has been a great success of the government. It has proved to be driving force and controlling mechanism of the industry. Though its present marketing prospects are not so bright, it has a very good future. The path ahead is not so smooth for Teletalk. The mobile communication market has become very competitive now. Already six operators are working in the country. Analyst say that it will difficult for all the operators to survive in the market, rather around three operators will remain. Whatever may be the reality, to survive and to be able to play the required role to ensure people’s aspirations, Teletalk has grow faster and get a reasonable market share within a short period.

Key words: Teletalk, marketing, expansion.