Noise, an unwanted sound, is a phenomenon that has plagued us from the day of our birth. So, a study was conducted during the period of November 2021 to June, 2022 with a view to determine the noise levels in bus stands, silent zones and other busy areas of coastal Bagerhat Sadar upazila and focusing its management. For the study purpose noise level was measured from ten selected sites viz. i) Sadar hospital,  ii) Mother and child hospital, iii) Deputy commissioner’s office, iv) Passport office, v) Gvt. P.C. college, vi) Khan Jahan Ali degree college, vii) Dashani trafic more, viii) Baherhat bus stand, ix) Daratana bridge and x) Toll plaza,Bagerhat. Noise level was determined during the month of January to April, 2022 staring from 8.00 am and continued upto 8.00pm at two hours interval. Noise level was measured by Advanced Sound Level Meter (SLM). The lower limit of the noise level was 50 dB or higher, while the upper limit exceeded 99d B in January 2022. During February 2022 the highest (99.8 db at 10 am) and lowest (51.0 dB at 8.00 p.m.) noise levels were recorded in Khan Jahan Ali Degree college and Govt. P.C. college, respectively. Though the highest noise level (99.8 dB) in March 2022 was same as February 2022, but the lowest level was lower than February 2022 but not lower than that of 50 dB. In April 2022 the noise level was within 51.0-994 dB, where the highest and lowest noise level was observed from Mother and child hospital at 8.00 p.m. and Toll plaza Bagerhat at 12.00 p.m. Amongst the stations, six locations are silent areas, where the lower noise level was also exceeded 50 dB i.e exceeded national standard.  The noise level in a crowded area, i.e. the parking or movement area of ​​vehicles, was almost above 80db in most cases. Although the noise level was within the allowed limit (80-100 db), the concern is that no one applies protective measures (ear plug/ear pad). A growing awareness among the population living/moving in a busy area is therefore necessary to ensure the safety space for the preservation of both the human and the working environment. As a combined approach, parking or the use of hydraulic horn should be taken in a discipline for good human health and avoidance of further disabilities.

Key words: Noise, silent zones, busy area, management.