An experiment was conducted at the farmer’s field at the Rangpur, during January-December 2018 to evaluate the nutrient status of pre and post-harvest soil of the sugarcane field. The experiments consisted of seven treatments viz., T0 = Control (No fertilizer), T1 = N165P55K120S30Zn2.5Mg20 (as per soil analysis), T2 = T1 + Dolomite (1 t ha-1),T3 = 50% of T1 + Poultry manure (10 t ha-1), T4 = 50% of T1 + Poultry manure (10 t ha-1) + Dolomite (1 t ha-1), T5 = 50% of T1 + Cowdung (12.5 t ha-1) and T6 = 50% of T1 + Cowdung (12.5 t ha-1) + Dolomite (1 t ha-1). Results revealed that all the treatments showed statistically more or less similar to each other in respect to pH (5.51-5.71), OM (1.70-1.88),Ca (3.00-3.82 me 100 g-1) and Zn (0.93 to 1.07 μg g-1) contents of the post-harvest soil. Total N contents were the highest in T5 (0.124%) followed by T4 (0.105%) while it was the lowest (0.085%) in T6.However, the highest available P, S, and Ca were found in those post harvest soil at Rangpur which treatment T5.
Key words: Sugarcane, initial soil, post-harvest soil.