History of food safety study proved that Sattar was the pioneer research scientist in Bangladesh who studied a lot covering the detection and improved external and internal standard GC analysis methods of different pesticides on food crops and vegetable samples in 1976-84. Food safety of major scientific study includes two major issues like (i) pesticide contamination or residue limits against standards and (ii) various heavy metal contaminations. Without these two judgments, food safety is questionable although any impurity, or foreign materials or contamination can be added (Fig. 1). Sattar developed, improved and/or established TLC and/or GC analysis methods of MCPA, MCPA and its 2 metabolities, phenoxyherbicides, DDT, organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticides and chlorinated cresols, catechols and phenols in soils, crops and/or vegetables in 1976-84, and most of the methods have been using for the last 40/45 years for food safety measures in the global village. Sattar first detected 16-18 heavy metal contaminations like As, Pb, Al, Ti, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Cd, Sn, Sb, Ba, Hg etc. from numerous food materials of Bangladesh in 1996. Such heavy metal works he widely continued upto 2010 with food crops, soils and water where he published more than 50 articles in journals. Practically, Sattar opened the door for discovery of analysis methods and detection of residues, fate and contamination of pesticides and heavy metals in various food materials of Bangladesh. Sattar is the pioneer regarding pesticide and heavy metal study in soil environment of Bangladesh but his related contributions on food safety study were not evaluated beforehand. This technical evaluation, contribution and judgment greatly proved and confirmed that it is Sattar who is pioneer scientist worked with food safety study in Bangladesh on pesticide and heavy metal analysis techniques, detection and contamination-the fundamental food safety concept for saving the human life.

Key words: Sattar, pioneer, food safety issues, Bangladesh, pesticides, and heavy metals