The study was conducted at Rajbari, Manikganj, Bogura, Sylhet and Kishoreganj district to study on farmers’ practices for the management of capsicum insect pest in major capsicum growing areas of Bangladesh. Data were collected by the researcher during the period from 15 October to 15 November 2018. Among the respondent the maximum (87.2%) capsicum growers were cultivated capsicum in winter season and 12.8% capsicum growers were cultivated in summer season. The highest around 36.00% have low level infestation whereas only 4.80% were belongs to severe level insect pests’ infestation under the study area. Capsicum growers practices (CGPs) related data were collected at two levels: directly from the sample farmers by administering pre-designed and pre-tested questionnaires. Total 11 capsicum varieties were recorded from the study area and the highest used capsicum varieties California wonder (17.21%), Omax hybrid (15.35%), BARI misti morich -2 (13.84%). BARI misti morich-1 (12.36%), Bell pepper (9.1/0%) and Marcuri rosso (7.23%). Total 10 insect pests of capsicum were recorded from the study area. Among the insect pests capsicum fruit borer and aphid were dominant and observed upto 100% respondent farmer’s field. The capsicum growers practices (CGPs) for capsicum insect pest management were generally three broad types. Type I Non-chemical, bio-pesticide and untreated control practices; Type II was combination of chemicals with other management practices and Type III was combination of non-chemicals management practices comprising bio-pesticide, mechanical, cultural and mulching materials. Most of the respondents of capsicum growers (71.14%) practiced Type II, whereas, Type I was practiced by  23.08% and Type III was practiced by only 5.77% of respondents of capsicum growers of the respective districts. The BCR was maximum in CGP 8, CGP 9, CGP11, CGP 12 and CGP 10 (3.12-2.90) while it was minimum (2.06-2.15) in CGP 7 and CGP 15. Application of integrated pest control measures were more effective compared to single control measure for capsicum cultivation regarding insect pest management.

Key words: Capsicum, arthropod pests, infestation, practices.